HeyHaiHello, Im Kenneth. Just another lonely soul trying to find a purpose. Im very straight forward. Fin.  STALKER(s) :D
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Anonymous supposed,
❝I forgot, are you on your first or second year of college? I think it would've been funny if you decided to go with forensic. I forgot are you still moved out or still living with mom? How's your sister? She's so adorable and white.❞

I got kicked out of the house. Lived with a roommate. Quit school because I had more bills to pay and LIFE. 
Second semester of college technically. 
Maybe first? Because I dropped my classes due to depression and other stufffffffff. 
BUT. IM GOING BACK TO SCHOOOL. I live at home again. Because I couldnt stand to see my little brother grow up to become a rebel. He’s getting better though. More focused on school. This and that. YEP~ 
She’s.. Sassy as hell. She’s learning how to swim. SHE’S GONNA BE A SWIMMER. IM SO PROUD Q_Q

Anonymous supposed,
❝Yeah we've all been through rocky roads. Wow, that's amazing.I wouldn't be able to do that.I can't believe you're paying for everything not using financial aid. You have courage there.Oh,are you following your Mom's footsteps into the medical field?❞

I had to pick between 3 different majors.. It was so hard. Im so passionate with all of them. 
Forensic. Animation. Nursing. 
Im getting my basics out of the way so I have quite sometime to finalize my decision. SO YAY. 
Meeeeeeh. I dont mind, my job isnt TOOOO intense so its not SOOOOO bad~ Hahah.